Education Google Slides for Academic Presentation Template

As we are looking for awesome academic presentation template to recommend, here we find the Education Google template with clean and modern vibe. As some of the slides shown, this template is designed for many purposes related to education. It can be for users to create presentations regarding upcoming workshop, school events or university profile. With many of great features included, the template is a good idea to use in creating an interesting academic presentation aid.

As mentioned above, this academic presentation template comes with a host of impressive features. The developer generously provides a total of 880 slides with 44 multipurpose slides with clean and creative designs. With the multipurpose slides available, users can also customize the slides based on their preferences by changing the color themes easily. This feature allows users to create presentation slides which suit their needs, such as presenting portfolio, school introduction, university profile, celebrating students’ graduation, and even introducing new business team.

Regarding the premade colors, there are 10 premade colors available for this academic presentation template. In addition to it, including in the template are a host of slides for various presentation sections such as timeline section, portfolio section, process section, team section, and of course introduction section. The developer also makes it possible for users to edit the slides transitions and animations. To personalize the content of the slides, users is also provided with a number of layout options to choose from.

Good news is that this Education Google presentation template is also equipped with icons library. This library stores a host of icons based on the topics. There are icons related to travel, business, management, multimedia, online marketing and human organs. Those are not all. Icons related to communication, photography and other subjects are also available. With the numerous icons available, it makes it easier for users to modify the slides based on the topics they are presenting.

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