Shabby PowerPoint Presentation Template

A host of amazing presentation templates are now only few clicks away. Often, designers think of certain groups of users to target when creating the template designs. It also helps users as they can search the template which serves their needs the best. For those who are working or interested in creative industry, here we have a stunning Shabby PowerPoint presentation template to consider.


Are you looking for a creative presentation template? Shabby PowerPoint presentation template might be the one you’ve been looking for! This presentation template is suitable for a host of presentation purposes which require creativity. This template is especially perfect for those who need to make a presentation on fashion, food, cooking and creative shop. Even at a glance, it is clear that the template would be just great to present a presentation about introducing new fashion-related business, displaying restaurants’ SWOT analysis, presenting an idea for a cook shop or displaying ideas for new dessert cafes. However, with its elegant and creative layouts, this template might also be good for other purposes. What’s clear is, this template will never fail at creating interesting presentation, don’t you think so?

The Shabby PowerPoint presentation template comes with a variety of features that will save some time in creating an awesome presentation. This creative presentation template comes with 30 unique slides and 5 color schemes. As you can see in the images inserted in this review, the slides are designed creatively with simple yet stunning colors. The colors are subtle that they do not distract audience attention. Users can pick the colors based on their taste which means that they can create a more personalized presentation. It is also time efficient as users only need a few clicks to change the color of the slides. Moreover, the pre-designed slides are available in various layouts so that users can select the ones that suit their needs and preferences. In addition to it, the slides are available in HD, the 16:9 wide aspect ratio. So, no more blurry images that will disturb the presentation.


Users are also able to change the images on the slides as this Shabby PowerPoint presentation template comes with picture placeholder. This feature allows users to effortlessly drag and drop images to use on the slides. It is recommended for users to prepare their own images or the pictures they want to put on the slides before starting working on the slides. It will surely save time as users already prepare the images and the contents beforehand. This creative presentation template also comes with vector based icons and free font. Hence, it is quite easy for users to create their own kind of presentation slides as this template is fully editable.

When purchasing this Shabby PowerPoint presentation template, what is included in the package? The users will get 5 PPTX file as well as a “help file”. For those who are thinking of knowing more about this template, here we leave a link below for further details about this creative, fresh-looking presentation template.

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