Sociable PowerPoint Presentation Template

Ideal for social analytics, Sociable is a PowerPoint presentation template with a host of unique and impressive features. Sociable is a multipurpose presentation template which is highly recommended for those who work in social business intelligence. It comes with various premade slides, color options, as well as editable charts. Featuring a number of amazing features, the template might be the one you are looking for. Let’s have a look at the review below to know the template better.

Sociable PowerPoint presentation template is a versatile presentation template with more than 130 creative slides and a total of more than 1300 slides. Featuring an array of premade unique slides, the template will definitely help users in creating impressive presentation in no time. The template is available in two aspect ratios; widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 aspect ratio. In order to enable users to personalize their presentations, the template comes in 5 premade colors schemes to choose from. The color schemes available are red orange, red scheme, violet, blue and palisade. What’s greater is that it only takes a few clicks for users to change the colors however they want.

For easy and quick photo editing, this PowerPoint presentation template also comes with extra white background remover. For users who do not have Photoshop skills, you do not need to worry. The template is fully editable via PowerPoint tools. Using PowerPoint, you can easily change the layouts, colors, texts, icons, graphics and the charts. The template also comes with editable Excel pie charts and an array of infographics selection. All in all, the template is fully editable. Thus, it helps users in creating a more personalized presentation based on their needs and preferences.

To use this Sociable PowerPoint presentation template, it is highly recommended for users to use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 as the content can be easily edited via PowerPoint 2013. As for the ready-to-use break slides, the template comes with 5 section breaks with two versions for each section break. To help the users in creating an interesting presentation, the template also comes in fully animated with various transitions effects. With these features, users can easily attract audience’s attention with the impressive presentation.

As has been mentioned previously, Sociable PowerPoint presentation template is perfect for social analytics presentations. As a multipurpose presentation template, it can also be used for social media monitoring tools which present social engagement, customer analytics, competitor insights and marketing solutions. In addition to it, the template is also suitable for presentation purposes such as web analytics, market research results, brand analytics, SEO industry, e-commerce solutions, and cloud computing. Furthermore, users are also encouraged to use the template to present start-up business, a new business plan, annual business report, infographic survey and so forth.

As users download the Sociable PowerPoint presentation template, they will obtain several items. Those are 10 PowerPoint 2013 PPTX files. Five of them are in 16:9 aspect ratio, while the rest of the files are in 4:3 aspect ratio. The users will also get a help guide to assist them in utilizing the features included. Last but not least, the template also comes with free Calibri and Impact fonts. For those who want to find more details on the template or to find more works by the developer, make sure to drop by the link provided below.

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