Zembra – Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Template

For those who are looking for a multipurpose presentation template with an impressive design and amazing features, here we suggest you to consider Zembra – multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template as your perfect option. This template is indeed recommended for a reason. The template comes with a host of features to help users in creating professional presentation effortlessly. In addition to it, as a multipurpose template, Zembra also comes with a lot of options for users with different needs and preferences. Check our review below to find out more details about the template.

As the name suggests, Zembra is a multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template which can be used for a variety of presentation purposes. It can be used to create an impressive professional presentation about a business plan or annual business report. With its numerous slides designs, it is also perfect for presenting a marketing kit, a business strategy, a sales presentation, introduction of upcoming events, introduction of the new team members, and many more.

Like previously mentioned, the template comes with a host of impressive features which are useful in creating professional, creative presentation. This multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template highlights more than 600 creative slides with widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Those slides are available with many layout designs to choose from. This great feature allows users to select the slides as well as the layouts based on their needs and personal likings. In addition to it, 40 XML color themes are available too. With this feature, users are able to choose color themes which suit their content the most.

Zembra – multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template comes in two background versions; the light version and the dark version. Each version holds its own uniqueness and charms; thus, it’s all about users’ preferences to choose which version to use. What makes it easy to use this template is that it is fully editable via PowerPoint. Users can effortlessly change the layouts, the text, the icons, the charts and even the graphics even without using the Photoshop. As for editing the data charts, it can be done via Excel spreadsheets. Doesn’t it sound great?

This multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template also comes with image placeholders to allow users easily drag and drop the images they want to use in their presentation. To make users able to personalize their presentation, unlimited color choices are also obtainable. The template also comes with pixel-perfect graphics, scalable vector maps and energetic designs which are suitable to present various ideas.

Last but not least, a host of impressive-looking graphics are also available in this multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template. The graphics are suitable for many presentation purposes including marketing, e-commerce, company profile, social media, SEO, portfolio, SWOT analysis, and many more. With its great number of amazing features, this fully-editable presentation template is surely a good means to save some time in building a presentation PowerPoint. Thus, if you are interested in purchasing this template or find out further details about the product as well as other works from the developer, you may directly head to the following link.



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